howto: Pay with Bitcoin or Dash

If you prefer to pay with Bitcoin or Dash digital currencies, we will gladly accept payment.


How to Pay with Bitcoin or Dash Digital Currencies
...and get 15% off of everything!

PLEASE NOTE: We currently will only ship within the USA.

Bitcoin Accepted Here - BC_Rnd_64px.png

We at the Carolina Bee Company are very bullish on the future of digital blockchain-based currencies. In particular, we are fans of both Bitcoin and Dash. For more information on either, please visit, and

Bitcoin and Dash are Super Modern.
Our eCommerce Platform Is Not

Since our built-in eCommerce package currently does not enable payment except via debit & credit cards, we have to use an invoicing process in order to accept any other form of payment, to include Bitcoin and Dash. It is an odd mixing of old manual process and super-fast and modern fund exchange, but until our eCommerce platform modernizes, this is what we have to do.

The Invoicing Process

It's common sense, and easy, just not "built in" yet.

  • Tell us what you want...
    You [shop] like you normally would.
    Then send screenshot of your cart to []
    Ensure you include: Name, Email, Phone, Shipping Address
  • We invoice you...
    We will calculate shipping charges and taxes, and include a 15% discount
    We will then send you an invoice with a Bitcoin and Dash address to submit payment.
    (Note, there is no discount for livestock -- Queens, Packages, Nucleus Hives)
  • You make payment...
    You make payment and send us a response that you did so (just in case).
    Just give us 48 hours to respond with acknowledgment and status!
  • We ship you cool bee stuff!

Pretty darn simple, right? In fact, we will accept checks in much the same manner.

Thanks! -The Carolina Bee Company team

Note: If you are not familiar with Bitcoin or Dash, please visit or and, and come back when you have a wallet set up that has enough funds to make purchase.

A couple recommended mobile wallets for Bitcoin: Mycelium, Airbitz, Jaxx
A couple recommended mobile wallets for Dash: Dash Wallet, Jaxx, and soon also Mycelium