howto: Pay with Bitcoin (OLD PAGE)

If you prefer to pay with the Bitcoin digital currency, we will gladly accept payment.

How to Pay with Bitcoin
...and get 15% off of everything!

Bitcoin Accepted Here - BC_Rnd_64px.png

We at The Carolina Bee Company feel that singleton ledger technologies like the Bitcoin Blockchain and it's associated Bitcoin currency will revolutionize commerce and other contract activities over time. Thus, we felt we needed to participate as soon as we were comfortable doing so.

PLEASE NOTE: We currently will only ship within the USA.

If you would like to pay with Bitcoin[i], we can fulfill your order through a pretty simple process. The process is simple, but it is not seamless to the website because bitcoin currency processing is not native to our eCommerce shopping cart platform, Squarespace. So, until we can implement a more native shopping cart experience, fulfillment will be a three step process. It's not all that complicated...

  1. Shop like you normally would.
    • Complete the order form in the cart: Name, Email, Phone, Address, etc.
    • Use the "Bitcoin15" discount code!
    • Continue until taxes (North Carolina only) and Shipping are calculated. We're a business, sales taxes and shipping charges are important and required. :)
    • Cut-n-Paste that form -- or just Screenshot it.
  2. Transfer payment[ii] one of two ways...
    • .Pay directly: Send us the dollar equivalent amount by scanning the QR-code below,  via address 1D2h9uncWpqxSJDMBtekUCkfacy1nCy8EK
      Note: Just [look up the exchange rate and make the conversion]. There is no such thing as absolute precision, we understand that.
    • Be invoiced: Simply ask to be invoiced when emailing us the order information in the next step
  3. Email the cut-n-pasted cart information or the screenshot, and any comments or questions, to Let us know if you paid directly, or if you wish to be invoiced instead —If you paid directly in the previous step, please ensure you identify yourself adequately so we can link the two events (we really only need to know an email and snail-mail address).

    Just give us 48 hours to respond with acknowledgment and status! And then we'll ship you cool bee stuff!

Pretty darn simple, right? In fact, we'd will accept checks in much the same manner, though this is far far faster.

Thanks! -The Carolina Bee Company team


[i] This instruction assumes you already know how to work with Bitcoin and have a wallet populated with Bitcoin currency. If you want to get started with Bitcoin, there are a large number of websites that can bring you up to speed on the technology and even convert some of your everyday state-managed currency into Bitcoin and vice versa. Some great websites to start learning more would be the Bitcoin wikipedia article,, the Bitcoin wiki, and the Bitcoin Foundation. If you want to convert fiat currency into community currency (e.g. Bitcoin) and generate a first wallet, check out is another solid wallet as well (you can, and probably should, have more than one wallet). If you are a merchant,,, and are three prevalent providers of payment gateways (fiat to decentralized cryptocurrency and vice versa). Finally, we use Squarespace (which uses Stripe) for a shopping cart and payment gateway. Squarespace and Stripe do not currently support Bitcoin or any other similar payment mechanisms. But others do, namely Shopify and some of the other well known eCommerce solutions. We are hoping that Squarespace and Stripe catch up soon.

[ii] Just like all commerce, there is a trust relationship here. If something goes awry, we will do everything in our power to ensure that the order is fulfilled or we'll cancel the order, reimbursing the exact amount of BTC we received if necessary. That is our pledge to you, our valued customer.

[iii] Discounts do not apply to livestock sales: Queens, Packages, Nucleus Hives.