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Have we turned the corner on CCD?

This New York Times opinion piece states, "Scientists I’ve spoken to in both academia and government have strong reason to believe that [Colony Collapse Disorder] is essentially over."

Whoa. Could this be true? I.e., Have we finally turned the corner on CCD? And if we have, WHY have we? More attention? Better practice? More adaptive bees? Improved nutrition? Less stressful migration? More mindful pesticide application? Reduced toxicity in the environment? More diverse diets? A combination of all these forces? Or.... ???

It would be great news if CCD seemed to be on the decline. That being said, the author of this article, warns that we need to remain vigilant. Even if we have turned the corner on CCD, we are still losing 30% of our bees a year... which is a horrible "new normal." And while our honey bees are still dying in huge numbers, most other pollinators are also suffering.

Interesting article that will indubitably spark some debate. What do y'all think?