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What is This Weed?

It looks like a dandelion. Sort of.

The leaves are similar. The seed heads (blowheads) are very similar.

The flowers are non-existent, or just something We have never noticed, or it blooms at some odd time.

The biggy though: This sucker is 6 feet tall. Yeah. 6 feet.

Neat plant. We just wish to know what it is.

UPDATE: After some debate on Facebook and Google+, no answer ended up being a slam dunk, but the consensus suggests this is something in the thistle family or in the Cichorieae tribe that includes lettuces, chicory, dandelions and others. I have this sneaking suspicion if I could a couple folks out here to put hands on the plant, they would know it in a heartbeat. Plant identification is so difficult via pictures and drawings.

These leaves are about 1ft long.

Blog Reboot

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