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Nov/Dec 2014 - Article mention - Mother Earth Living [archived PDF]

"The History of Honey as MedicineLearn about the healing history of honey as medicine, how it can improve your health and how to know you’re buying sustainable products." By Dawn Combs

Mother Earth Living - Natural Home. Healthy Life.

Nov 5, 2013 - Interview - USA Farms Star Living [archived PDF]

"The Buzz on Raising Honey Bees", Farm Star Living, "In The Field" - Celebrating Our USA Farmers, Farming, and Food.

Sep 5, 2013 - Interview - News 14 Carolina [archived MP4]

"The Carolina Bee Company"News 14 Carolina, a regional Time Warner news channel. Around Carolina is a cultural segment.

Aug 6, 2013 - Interview - Red Hat, The Show #37 [archived MP4]

"Red Hatters Away_From_Keyboard: Bee Passionate"Segment from Red Hat's internal corporate culture showcase video series, The Show. We asked... and on Sept 19th they kindly released the video segment! Yeah! Here are some screenshots, but linked previously is the actual video.

Jul/Aug, 2013 - Interview - Hobby Farms magazine [G+ post & images]

"The Bottom Line: The Carolina Bee Company", Hobby FarmsRural Living for Pleasure and Profit. Note, included images are blurred to protect copyright.

(c) Copyright 2013,  The News & Observer Publishing Company, a subsidiary of The McClatchy Company

(c) Copyright 2013, The News & Observer Publishing Company, a subsidiary of The McClatchy Company

July 6, 2013 - Article - The News & Observer (NC) [archived PDF]

"Who & Ware: One-Time Curiosity is the Buzz Around Town" (aka "Couple’s Curiosity is Now All The Buzz"), The News & Observer, Raleigh-Durham region's newspaper of record.

Dec 12, 2011 - Blog Interview - Luxury Beauty Products [archived PDF transcript]

"The Carolina Bee Company, an interview", Luxury Beauty Products, Your daily dose of fashion, beauty, and life's little luxuries!

Nov-Dec, 2011 - Blurb: Down Home Magazine (NC) [archived PDF]

"Make it a Handmade Christmas, Our Top 25 Picks!" (we were 14th), Down Home Magazine, Covering topics and events from the Sandhills to the Coast (link to full issue).

Dec 13, 2010 - Vendor Profile - The Cotton Company [archived MP4]

"Natural Honey & Beeswax Soaps, Candles & Cosmetics", The Cotton Company, Yesterday's Architecture; Today's Artisans

Dec 10, 2009 - Podcast Interview - Robo's World [archived MP3]

"Handcrafted Soaps, by Monica Warner of The Carolina Bee Company[DEFUNCT] , Robo's World: [DEFUNCT] Trials and Tribulations of a Hobby Beekeeper! by us...

2013 - Article - The Carolina Bee Company website

"So, you want to keep honey bees?"

Nov, 2011 - Article - The Franklin Times (NC), Farm/City Week Special Edition [MISSING]

Missing article :(

Aug?, 2011 - Op-Ed - The Franklin Times (NC) [MISSING]

Missing article :(

Aug 15, 2011 - Addresses - To the Louisburg (NC) Town Council

Formal verbal addresses delivered to the Louisburg Town Council after they effectively banned beekeeping from the municipality in May of 2011 [Todd's] [Monica's]. We have no titles for these little speeches, but you could entitle each of them "We do not suffer fools gladly".