howto: Care & Feeding...

The Care & Feeding...

...of Your Handcrafted Soap

Our BeeClean! soaps do not contain artificial hardeners or preservatives. Therefore, you must ensure you use a soap dish that drains properly.

If your BeeClean! soap is left in a pool of moisture, it will eventually become unsatisfactorily soft.

If your soap does become overly soft, drain off the excess fluid, let it dry, and it should return to its previous state.

Purchase one of our bee-autiful wooden soap dishes to complement your all-natural bar of soap!


...of Your Handcrafted Body Butter

SweetBee Body Butter is an all natural skin cream that has been formulated with the utmost care and attention, and has been lovingly tested for years.

Being an all-natural product, no artificial preservatives or stiffeners have been added. Though our Body Butters have been tested and proven stable for well over a year of disuse, things like - moisture, humidity, and high temperatures - will degrade this all-natural product.

When not in use, tightly reseal the container. Avoid exposure to excessive moisture and humidity, and try to store it at "reasonable" household temperatures (or cooler).

At The Carolina Bee Company, we are committed to producing high-quality, all-natural products. To that end, a bit more care will ensure you enjoy the benefits of this increasingly rare luxury for years to come.