Honey Bees


Honey Bees

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Sadly, for 2018, we will not be offering honey bees for sale. This is a rebuilding year.

Just wanted to let you know that the queen I purchased from you last year is doing amazingly well. Many full frames of brood in that hive.
— Michael M, 2011
Oh my, what a surprise! [...] We’ve never had such a thriving hive before!
— Janet and Ralph R., late winter, 2012
Honey bees availability: SORRY! NO BEES FOR 2018! May, June, July, August Reserve bees online via the link above or call our Carolina BeeLine
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CarolinaBee Queens,
CarolinaBee Nucleus Colonies, and
3lb Georgia Packages

CarolinaBee Queen

CarolinaBee Queens and Nucs

From our breeding program, available May - August
NOTE: We are not producing Nucs this year

  The traits we select for...
    1. Strong brood laying pattern.
    2. Survivability.
    3. A gentle, happy, bee-nature!

Our CarolinaBee line of queens and 5-frame nucleus colonies have been genetically selected over the years for survivability.

  • Availability: CarolinaBee queens and 5-frame nucleus colonies only offered in May, June, July, and August.
  • Important Note: We do not frame swap with nuc purchasers.

The bulk of our CarolinaBee genetics come from Italian honey bees with a healthy infusion of feral stock — honey bees adapted to our region, North Carolina1. In the end, our bees are mutts, which we think is a good thing . We are not so reliant upon strict pedigree. We are reliant on behavior and performance.

Newly installed hives fanning a the front entrance.

This year's (2017) pickup date is:  May 7th

3lb Georgia Packages (w/queen)

We have packages for sale!!! Sourced from Georgia, available every May.

Package Pickup Day! :)

Package Pickup Day! :)

The Carolina Bee Company does not currently produce packages of its own. For our customers convenience we supply a limited number of 3lb packages for sale that we obtain from a high-quality, reputable breeder in GA. We also incorporate a few of these packages ourselves into our genetic stock. These bees are of Italian and Carniolan stock.

Availability: We offer Georgia Packages for sale for delivery on only one day per year.
For 2017 that pickup day is May 7th

Packages of honey bees.

Packages of honey bees.


The Carolina Bee Company Difference
* Customer service: The quality of our queens is guaranteed2.
* From of toxic chemicals: In line with our Certified Naturally Grown status and principles.
* Regionally selected: As adapted to our region1 as possible.
* Genetically diverse: We bee trade with other breeders to improve our stock3.


Reserve bees online via the link above or call our Carolina BeeLine.


  1. North Carolina and surrounding states -- Emphasis: the North Carolina piedmont and coastal plains.
  2. Our Carolina Bee Company produced Queens are guaranteed until the colony overwinters. Overwintering success involves so many variables that we can not extend a guarantee beyond the 1st productive year of a queen. We also do not guarantee against losses due to beekeeper error (of course). Note: this guarantee applies only to our personally produced queens, not to any packages we resell from GA. 
  3. With an emphasis on beekeeping operations that follow our principles as closely as possible.

Two workers communicating and exchanging food (trophallaxis). The worker bee on the right has a payload of maple blossom pollen! 2014-02-20, Pittsboro, NC by Monica Warner