Odds & Ends

Odds & Ends


Beeclean! Laundry Soap, Bowstring Wax, Fire Starters, and everything else we couldn't figure out a good category for!

Some items are intermittently available


BeeClean! Laundry Detergent

Fresh clothes ; Clean conscience. This all-natural product has been instrumental in keeping The Carolina Bee Company beekeeper's clothes clean for years and years.

Purchase a quart and clean ~56 loads, leaving them clean and smelling fresh. Maybe more importantly, you can do it knowing that the ingredients are far more benign than any industrial offering.


We offer a couple books that we find especially helpful.

First Lessons in Beekeeping, by Keith Delaplane is a fantastic book for new and even experienced beekeepers. We use it when we teach beekeeping.

Handbook for Natural Beekeeping, published by Certified Naturally Grown. This handbook is a best practices guide of "Dos and Don'ts" most useful for beekeepers looking to manage their hives in a more natural manner. This is not a comprehensive "howto" guide. This is a certification guide to meet the standards of Certified Naturally Grown ... which is the closest standard to anything resembling "Organic" for beekeeping in the United States (there is no Organic standard in the USA, by the way).

Beeswax Bowstring Wax

The best bowstring wax is made from the simplest of compounds - Beeswax - Simple. Natural. And, of course, of very high quality. Ours comes in a convenient travel container.


Here at The Carolina Bee Company, we prefer traditional archery. Traditional archery requires a traditional wax. But, it works great with compound bowstrings as well.

How to use:

  • Push on the bottom plunger until maybe a quarter inch of wax is exposed.
  • Hold the tube so that your index finger maintains pressure on the plunger to keep the wax protruding.
  • Run the wax up and down your bowstring until wax is visible or the string is "tacky".
    • I usually do with with the bow strung.
    • I do this with a quick motion that softens the beeswax a bit (though it is "just" soft enough anyway).
    • Some folks avoid waxing the serving string much. Others wax it right along with everything else (I do).
  • Allow the wax to fall back into the tube and put the cap back on (store bowstring wax somewhere out of the sun).
  • Work the wax into the string with your fingers, and smooth it when you are done.
    • I do this with the bow unstrung or, if I am in a hurry, I leave the bow strung.
  • Reapply as needed:
    • Weekly if you shoot often.
    • Prior to shooting, if wet weather is expected.

BeeFinished Beeswax Liquid Wood Finish - NOT AVAILABLE

Our beeswax wood finish will leave your wood with a lovely natural glow. And really? What is more naturally sustainable than beeswax?


Ingredients: Beeswax and Turpentine (a sustainable thinning agent). That's it! You can make your own, but save yourself some time from hovering over a double-boiler and experimenting with proportions and purchase either a quart or gallon from us!

We are now coating our beehives with this. We paint it on, and wait for it to dry. Note, it takes some time to dry. At least a few days.

Usage: Paint on. Wait 10 minutes. Wipe off excess. If you really want it to penetrate, you can optionally use a heat gun to really drive it into the wood. Layer on a couple more coats on and rub rub rub to get a nice polished look that has a real warmth to it.