Honey Bee on Sage Blossoms, 2012

Pollination Services

Honey Bees on Sage Blossom, 2012

Honey Bees on Sage Blossom, 2012

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Servicing Sustainable Small Farms and Gardeners

Pollination is the most important role that honey bees fulfill for human kind. Without honey bees we could not achieve the crop-yields that we do. Without honey bees many foods that we have taken for granted and the seeds to produce these foods would not exist or would be very scarce — fruits, legumes, nuts, etc.

If you are small farmer or serious gardener who wishes to ensure a successful yield of produce or seed, we offer limited pollination services.


Small Farmer?

If you are a farmer who follows organic (or better) practices with 10 or less acres, we can pollinate for you! Pollination quality is the difference between crop success and failure. Book now! For your reference, please review one of the

pollination guides linked below to best understand the value of pollination for your crop-type.



The Carolina Bee Company can help turn a mediocre garden into a bountiful garden. Squash, fruits, legumes, and more; a honey bee hive can fill in those pollination gaps and add a buzz to your garden. Todd and Monica will gladly walk you through the bee hives as well. Honey bees bring life to a garden that will delight your senses and help fill your pantry.

Schedule now to ensure your production for the season!
(availability: March -through- August)

We keep our pricing simple:

$150 per acre!
Please contact us for more information.

per bloom-cycle [or per month]
Note: There may be an extra charge associated to field distance from Kittrell, NC.


Be aware that we are only interested in pollinating growers that abide by organic, organic-like, or Certified Naturally Grown practices. In our need to maintain our own certification, we have to limit our pollination in this way. Please contact us for more information.

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