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2017 - 3lb Package of honey bees w/Queen (PICKUP ONLY...NO SHIPPING)

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package pickup day.2013-05-06.jpg

2017 - 3lb Package of honey bees w/Queen (PICKUP ONLY...NO SHIPPING)


IMPORTANT: Read the additional notes below about taxes, shipping, and cancellations

Onsite Pickup Only! We will use the email address you provide when ordering to give the pickup details (address, directions, times etc).

Marked queens only.

Bees must be pre-ordered and pre-paid

Pickup date / Location:  May 7, 2017 (date may change due to potential weather delays) 10am-1pm on site at The Carolina Bee Company location

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  • TAX NOTE: Our eCommerce Platform mismanages taxes and thus taxes will be calculated for this order. You will be charged, but then will be reimbursed the difference. Bees are not taxable.
  • SHIPPING NOTE: Our eCommerce Platform allows for onsite pickup, but we have to break things a little to force ONLY onsite pickup. Just choose onsite pickup and you will be fine. :)

We apologize for the inconvenience. Things are promised to improve by the vendor.

    • Cancelling within 2 days of pickup may result in no refund. See "NOTE" below.
    • Cancelling within 6 days of pickup may result in a 20% "re-stocking" fee. See "NOTE" below.
    • You may cancel your package order up to a week (7 days) in advance for a full refund.

NOTE: re-stocking fees and refunds due to short notice cancellations will be assessed within 3 days of pickup. We will attempt to resell your packages. If we are able to resell your package for you, no fee will be assessed, and you will receive a full refund. 


Other Notes:

A package consists of 3lbs of bees plus a marked queen. A package is housed in a specially designed, well-ventilated screened cage that includes only adult honey bees, a queen, and a food source.

The Carolina Bee Company does not currently produce packages of its own. For our customers convenience we supply a limited number of packages that we obtain from a high-quality, reputable breeder in GA. These bees are of Italian stock.


Warranty Information

Georgia Packages

Absconding: A package of honey bees has a high likelihood of absconding unless you block the entrance for a few days after the install. Sometimes, they even abscond if you follow this practice. We cannot warranty against this possibility. If you have questions about this, ask us!

We do not produce these packages, and are acting as the "middleman" to bring them to you. Because of this, we do not warranty them.