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Candles, Misc

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Candles, Misc

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100% Pure Beeswax Candles:

Travel tin candles...we are adding glass jar candles, and will have the website updated as soon as the new candles are ready.  

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Travel tin:

100% beeswax candles in a nice simple, but beautiful metal container. These are wildly popular and perfect if you like to take candles with you. Burn time: 20+ hours

Glass Container:

100% beeswax candles in a simple glass jar container. Burn time: 20+ hours



Note: 100% beeswax will "bloom" or gain a frosty look. This is normal. The bloom can be beautiful as is, or easily removed by briefly blowing hot air from a hair dryer across the wax.

Please burn all candles with care and never leave them unattended!